• Our Expertise

  • With over a half century experience in management, Organizational Development and strategic HR, our goal is to assist individuals and organizations process changes they have determined must be made.

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  • Through partnerships with universities, SHRM, PIHRA and others, we offer a broad range of onsite courses. If you feel we might be helpful, we would be pleased to discuss your particular needs with you.

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  • Prepare for a professional designation that sets you apart. Now is a great time to pursue certification to pursue your professional development goals, increase your confidence and set yourself apart from your peers.

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  • We have developed and successfully facilitated an array of strategic management activities. Information on organizational development offerings and consulting tailored to your needs is available upon request.

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  • Your presentation at Challenger yesterday in Woodland Hills was beyond fantastic. Those attending just keep reaching out to me to tell me you are the best speaker we have ever had. We have had a ton of speakers over the years, but you did one of the best jobs I have ever seen. The audience loved you!!!

    Dick Kaumeyer

  • Ever since I can remember Mery Propster has been experienced in Human Resources. When I started my first job at TRW Mery was a manager in HR. Years later I started a company and I could depend on Mery to assist CableMasters with all our HR needs. They provided ISO procedures and developed a company employee manual for us. With all the issues that are involved in running a company the last thing I wanted to worry about was employee issues and not following state labor laws. Thanks to Segue's support and services we are going on 20+ years of service. I would highly recommend their services 100%.

    Jay Nakamoto

  • Working with Richard in his role as president of PIHRA is an absolute delight. Richard is so on top of his game, runs things proactively and smoothly, and is always such a pleasure to deal with. My connection to PIHRA has become all the stronger because of Richard's leadership, and I consider myself very fortunate to call him my friend. I'm honored to provide Richard with this recommendation!

    Paul Falcone, VP Human Resources, Motion Picture & Television Fund