• Certification Preparation

    • Mery and Richard are outstanding instructors! Knowledgeable, engaging, helpful and down to earth. They found a way to cover a tremendous amount of complex material effectively, without leaving us feeling overwhelmed. These topics can be fairly dry, so their insights, humor and banter made the class more enjoyable. I would immediately recommend this course and these specific instructors to anyone I know who is preparing for this daunting exam!
    • They were literally the best professors that I have ever had!
    • Both Mery and Richard did a great job at pulling from their many years of experience in the HR field in order to help further explain some of the content presented in the course materials. Additionally, they provided many light-hearted moments in the classroom by making jokes and playing off one another; which I thoroughly enjoyed as it helped keep me engaged during the night class. Mery and Richard also provided some amazing tips for test taking which will aid me when it comes time to take the PHR exam. I would definitely recommend this course to be taken with them to anyone that Mery and Richard were phenomenal! I have recommended that my team mates, should they register for on-site PHR prep, to take it from them! Not only do they know their stuff, but they were able to teach the topics in a relatable way.
    • Great instructors! I selected this class specifically because of Mary and Richard; I drove the extra 26 miles just to be in their class! Excellent team work between them, class was great!
    • The instructors were great and had a lot of positive energy. They are subject matter experts in the field and went at a suitable speed for all students.
    • I took the SPHR Certification Prep course with Richard and Mery Propster through Brandman University and passed the SPHR exam. Richard and Mery prepared me for the difficult exam. I recommend their class to anyone who wants to pass the PHR or SPHR exam the first time. The syllabus, the pace, the strategic-perspective on how to take the exam and the real-life experience that the Propsters provide make the class more than just a test prep course. The class also helps you hone your HR skills.
  • Presentations

    Richard has been a speaker at the Challenger Networking Group, which I facilitate. He is truly one of the best speakers we have had, and I have been doing this group and the one that preceded it for eighteen years. Richard is not only a fantastic speaker, but has a huge network of contacts which he shares.

    Dick Kaumeyer, Kaumeyer Consulting

  • Ever since I can remember Mery Propster has been experienced in Human Resources. When I started my first job at TRW Mery was a manager in HR. Years later I started a company and I could depend on Mery to assist CableMasters with all our HR needs. They provided ISO procedures and developed a company employee manual for us. With all the issues that are involved in running a company the last thing I wanted to worry about was employee issues and not following state labor laws. Thanks to Segue's support and services we are going on 20+ years of service. I would highly recommend their services 100%.

    Jay Nakamoto, RCDD, CEO CableMasters, Inc.

  • Richard is a pleasure to work with and is a personable and skilled professional. He is tireless in his promotion of the best interests of the membership of PIHRA. He and Mery are a wonderful team

    Ed Langhammer, JD, Partner at Tressler LLP

  • I am pleased to endorse Mery Propster. I have known Mery for over 10 years now as an instructor for me in the SHRM Learning System certification examination preparation courses that I managed in Extended Education at Chapman University and Brandman University. She and her inseparable husband, Richard, are a team-teaching powerhouse and it was a joy to witness them in action, which I frequently did by lingering a bit after the start of each new class. Mery has a wealth of experiences from which she draws, which has enabled her to be deep-thinking, wise and considerate in all endeavors, like a loving mother who brooks no nonsense, except from Richard. I look forward to continuing my association with the Propsters.

    Vince Glaeser, MSIDT, MBA, HP Enterprise